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We proudly support these organizations

We make sustained donations to the organizations below. They do not represent all the organizations we've donated to throughout the years and we're always seeking others whose mission is "Keeping the Family Together."  The efforts by all are tireless and represent an unrelenting desire to help companion animals in need and ensure them a good quality of life.

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Central Texas Ruffugees

Central Texas Ruffugees is a 501c3 formed from a need to help unwanted dogs out of small, rural Texas shelters and ​into waiting rescues in the greater northwest. Central Texas Ruffugees helps with vetting dogs, getting paperwork ready for transport, and then fly or drive these dogs  "saving lives one dog and one mile at a time." Vetting and transport expenses are "only reimbursed through happy tails and doggie kisses." 

Wimberley Adoption 

Group & rescue

The Central Texas area is exploding in population and with that comes increasing needs of animal shelters. Quade Foundation has been an annual donor to WAGS and we don't see that ending anytime soon. These folks do more with less than you can imagine and with an attitude that is contagious! This dedicated group has a lot of followers in Hays County and you'll be amazed the reputation this organization has earned. Lending a helping hand and putting forth a smart effort with hard work makes this group one of the most distinguished organizations around.

Austin Pets Alive! Clinic

The medical needs of shelter dogs and cats knows no bounds. The APA! clinic is one of the most unique clinics we have ever witnessed. The dedication of staff and veterinarians to companion animals ​and their attention to detail is something to behold. The Eveready Energizer bunny doesn't have anything on these good folks!

PAWS Shelter of Central Texas

The Public for Animal Welfare, Inc.-a.k.a. PAWS Shelter of Central Texas (PAWS) is a hardworking organization with volunteers that demonstrate what it takes to be a successful animal shelter year end and year out. It doesn't happen overnight and keeping the course is even more difficult. To say "Thanks!" is not enough. But, we want to say it anyway! Ya'll deserve it.

Straw for Dogs

The Alaskan winters have been crazy whether it be wet, cold, or abnormally high temperatures, regardless, this group is prepared for them all. The last frontiersmen (and women!) are a hearty and welcoming bunch who represent the best America has to offer. Quade Foundation is proud to support Straw for Dogs and appreciates their efforts to ensure every companion animal gets a great home during the wintertime. They may be far from Texas, but their mission is like ours and we're glad to be part of it. 

Classic Canines

Classic Canines, operated by volunteers in cooperation with Austin area shelters, helps to find a "Friend Till the End" for displaced senior dogs.


1. Adopting an older dog may save its life,

2. Older dogs are usually trained and understand at least basic commands,

3. Older dogs are calmer and less energetic than younger dogs,

4. Older dogs generally are over the chewing stages, and

5. They have already been displaced and have waited longer for a new home.

For more info contact Classic canines at

Trapping, Rescue, and Pet Recovery Service 

Serving Greater Austin, Trapping, Rescue, and Pet Recovery Service (a.k.a.-TRAPRS) is a fully volunteer-run organization with a mission to help humanely trap, rescue, and provide strategy consulting to lost or stray pet cases. They are newly organized, yet not "new" to trapping and rescue. Their specialized crew has decades of experience in challenging cases and all things pet-related. TRAPRS is a homegrown, grassroots pet rescue network founded on the belief that every pet deserves a chance at a better life. They boast to catch the uncatchable and take an animal from life on the streets to a safe home, turning fear into love. 

The Schrodi Memorial 

Training Fund​

The Schrodi Memorial Training Fund helps owners who can't afford top dollar training, be able to train and keep their dogs. The Scholarship Fund teams with top dog trainers and behavior consultants in Central Texas to train owners how to handle and manage their dog(s) and their behaviors in a reward-based style. The annual Schrodi Spectacular occurs in December and features fun and games with your canine and makes a memorable moment for both dog and homo sapien!

Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter 

The Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter (WCRAS) is the only shelter solely devoted to lost and abandoned animals in Round Rock, Cedar Park, Hutto, Leander, and Williamson County. Like Hays County, this area is one of the most rapidly expanding urban areas in the country. Their objectives in creating a regional animal shelter include;

oincreasing pet adoptions and lost pet claims,

oemphasizing humane care for lost, unwanted, or displaced pets,

oassisting animal control public safety efforts by providing a safe haven for strays and secure area for dangerous animals, and

oreducing the costs to each participating entity through a shared facility. 

This shelter has a national reputation and celebrates 5 years of no-kill as a result of a community effort spearheaded by shelter workers and staff that have nothing but a desire to achieve good outcomes.

Austin German Shepherd Rescue​ 

Austin German Shepherd Rescue was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 2001. Since incorporation, Austin German Shepherd Rescue partners with shelters throughout the State of Texas. In almost two decades over 1100 German Shepherds have been entrusted in their care through shelter partnership agreements and owner surrenders. The Austin German Shepherd Rescue team is dedicated to saving the lives of German Shepherds facing the greatest risk of euthanasia, those with expensive but treatable medical conditions, and senior German Shepherds. For more information contact Elizabeth Wrona at 512-718-8006 or

Save An Angel

Founded in October 2009 by the parents of an American Dingo named Angel, the organization began as a successful fundraising campaign to provide an expensive, life-saving bone marrow transplant for Angel, who was diagnosed with Canine Lymphoma. Save An Angel has since expanded its original mission and is now primarily dedicated to rehoming shelter pets through our Operation Relocation program, a network of cross-country shelter and rescue partners working together to give homeless dogs and cats a renewed chance at life. With a nod to its beginnings, the organization also provides educational resources for canine cancer prevention and treatment. To learn more about Save-An-Angel, visit

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