Keeping the family together



Keeping the Family Together

Starting 2018 like the others....

Finding Someone New to help!

Quade Foundation begins the new year with a donation to Austin Lost & Found. Austin Lost & Found Uses their social networks to reunite lost pets with their owners, their success is measured in their dedication and hard work. Giving new meaning to the phrase "Boots on the Ground," this organization has become instrumental in reuniting missing pets with their families. The Central Texas area is fortunate to have an organization that provides such a valuable service. For more information about Ausin Lost & Found pets go to

Let's play! It's time for camp!

The Piper Award recognizes the commitment of an owner to ensure an at-risk companion animal can lead a happy and healthy life in a family environment. we wish to extend our gratitude to the Canine Center for Training & Behavior in Austin, Texas for allowing the Foundation to provide two scholarships to their 2018 Canine Camp and furthering our goal of
Keeping the Family Together. If you have never attended Canine Camp you are missing one of the most pleasurable experiences you will ever have with your dog. Just ask someone who has attended! The canine center can be reached at (512) 721-8496. 

Grant Funding Amount 

Doubled from 2017

The Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter (WCRAS) is the only shelter solely devoted to the lost and abandoned animals of Round Rock, Cedar Park, Hutto, Leander, and Williamson County. Their Save Rate is determined by "noses in noses out."  WCRAS accounts for every animal that comes into Their care and do not adjust Their numbers based on an animal's "adoptability." Their high Save Rate is completely based on Community Support. Together, with the community taking an active role in the shelter, we can save more lives. Quade Foundation is proud to support a great group!

"Howdy!" to the Great Northwest

Quade Foundation has made a donation to Central Texas Ruffugees (CTR), CTR, with the help of their partners, pull dogs from small, rural shelters in Central Texas and help transport them to a safe haven. CTR is a 501c3 formed from a need to help unwanted dogs out of small, rural Texas shelters and into waiting rescues in the Washington/Oregon area. CTR helps with vetting dogs, getting paperwork ready for transport, and then fly or drive these dogs north. Check out Central Texas Ruggugees at
Full Grant Funding

Quade Foundation announces full grant funding for Classic Canines. Classic Canines' mission is to rehome dogs 7 years and older that have been displaced by transitional situations such as housing, incapacity of a caretaker, or other circumstances out of their control. These great animals are awaiting a new forever home in local shelters and often represent the highest need to exit the shelter system quickly and return to a suitable home environment after having been in a single home their entire life and abruptly placed into the care of the shelter. For more information on Classic Canines go to

doubling our effort 

Quade Foundation is pleased to award Wimberley Adoption Group & Rescue (WAG) a 2018 grant. WAG submitted a detailed cost analysis of their needs and how Quade Foundation’s grant would be applied. The Grant will address the critical needs of heartworm treatment, veterinarian services, and spay/neuter for companion animals. WAG Rescue promotes the compassionate treatment of all animals and seeks to educate the public about responsible pet ownership and advocates spay/neutering of pets in order to prevent overpopulation and much animal suffering. WAG Rescue also serves as a resource for all lost and found animals in western Hays County. Quade Foundation is honored to assist this highly regarded Central Texas rescue organization. 

A lesson in redirecting resources

The Public for Animal Welfare, Inc.-a.k.a. PAWS Shelter of Central Texas (PAWS)-submitted a grant request to revamp their technology platforms. Keeping with the mission statement of Quade Foundation, PAWS demonstrated that by upgrading their donor and volunteer platforms they could monetize the cost savings and redirect manpower to enrichment resources for their companion animals, all while increasing their intake number of animals that would otherwise be euthanized. PAWS management demonstrated not only creative thinking, but application of limited resources to further improve its operational efficiency and maintain its status as a no-kill shelter. Congratulations on getting full grant funding.

Clinic Help!

Quade Foundation is pleased to announce that a donation has been made to the Austin Pets Alive! (APA!) clinic. The APA! Clinic now has a new oxygen concentrator and an IV pump for the newly expanded paro ward. Founded in 1997, APA!'s Mission is To promote and provide the resources, education and programs needed to eliminate the killing of companion animals. Long a leader in the No-kill movement, APA! is a leader in maintaining comprehensive, innovative programs designed to save companion animals most at risk for euthanasia. APA! has saved more than 40,000 dogs and cats since 2008. Thank you to Ellen Jefferson, DVM as well as the staff and countless volunteers tHAT maKE apa! great!


Piper Awards

The Piper Award recognizes the commitment of an owner to ensure an at-risk companion animal can lead a happy and healthy life in a family environment. we wish to extend our gratitude to the Canine Center for Training & Behavior in Austin, Texas for allowing the Foundation to provide two scholarships to their 2017 Canine Camp and furthering our goal of Keeping the Family Together. The canine center can be reached at (512) 721-8496.

That's One small step.......

Yeah, we know it's not easy getting a non profit started. That's why one of our first efforts in 2017 was to provide assistance to Austin's Classic Canines.; now a 501 c3.

"THANK YOU donors!! Go Fund Me donors helped us reach our initial goals for funding and the Quade Foundation provided a very generous matching check to ensure we have sufficient funds to meet a few more months too!! Wow!! đźŽ‰"

Classic Canines, operated by volunteers in cooperation with Austin area shelters, helps to find a "Friend Till the End" for displaced senior dogs.  for more information on Classic Canines call (512) 978-0500.

We're baaaaack! 

Quade Foundation is pleased to be a 2017 Entertainment Sponsor of the annual Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter (WCRAS) Fur Ball. The event will be held on November 4 at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference Center From 6-9:30 p.m. guests will enjoy dinner, cocktails, a silent auction, a wine toss, and live music. WCRAS has housed over 7,500 animals and maintains a no-kill status. All the funds will go directly to help further expansion projects and improvements to keep up with the shelter’s growth. For tickets to the event, become a sponsor, or make donations contact the Community Programs Coordinator, Misty Valenta, at 512-943-3817 or [email protected].

Full Grant funding

Quade Foundation has provided full funding for a 2017 grant for PAWS Shelter and Humane Society of central Texas (PAWS). PAWS is a No Kill shelter founded in 1986 as a non-profit 501 (c) 3. PAWS provides care and love to homeless, abandoned, and abused animals in Central Texas for however long it takes to find them a loving home. PAWS services includes:

  • Holding offsite adoptions to get the animals out into the community.
  • Fully vaccinating and microchipping our animals so that they can begin their long, happy lives with their new owners, “fully equipped!”.
  • Visiting local community groups and schools to educate our community on responsible pet ownership.
  • Making sure that every animal in our care gets the medical attention it needs.
  • Implementing a Behavior Testing Program  allowing for better placement of pets into a new home environment that is best for all; and
  • Spaying or neutering all our animals to further our commitment to be part of the solution in our communities’ pet overpopulation problem.

Serving the Underserved

Quade Foundation is pleased to make a Donation to 'I Once Was Lost Animal Advocacy.' Their mission is to rescue roadside dogs and cats, spay/neuter, medically and emotionally treat, then place them in loving, forever homes. The organization also works hard to raise awareness about pet issues such as nutrition, proper vaccination schedules, and the importance of spay/neuter, foster, volunteering, adopting, and donating to help Cedar Creek and surrounding area shelters save as many lives as possible. Adette Quintana is the owner/operator. Her relentless and steadfast dedication to companion animals is matched by her kind heart and good deeds. The Quade Foundation thanks Adette for all that she does. Contributions can be sent to P.O. Box 309, Cedar Creek, TX 78612, 512-796-9016.

Quade Foundation is pleased to be a Platinum Sponsor for the upcoming Schrodi Spectacular Dog and Human Poker Run to be held on December 3, 2017. The Schrodi Memorial Training Fund helps owners who can't afford top dollar training, be able to train and keep their dogs. The Scholarship Fund teams with top dog trainers and behavior consultants in Central Texas to train owners how to handle and manage their dog(s) and their behaviors in a reward-based style. Founder, Shari Elkins, CPDT, says of her first dog as an adult, “Schrodi was a profound dog whose name and legacy deserve to be carried on and I feel offering rehabilitation training is a perfect remembrance of the best dog in the world." For more information on the Schrodi Spectacular Dog and Human Poker Run go to Donations can be sent to PO Box 40178, Austin, TX 78704.. 

Well, it's winter somewhere...

if you didn't know, it's already below freezing in many parts of Alaska. The last frontier is a beautiful, awesome place not for the faint of heart. we're giving a little helping hand to Straw for dogs with a donation. Straw For Dog assists caretakers and concerned citizens with pets outdoors. know a dog who needs a warm, sturdy shelter? Does your own pet spend time outdoors? Straw for Dogs offers free supplies such as dog houses, straw, food, toys, and treats as well as resources including spay/neuter services, fostering, rehoming, and training advice. their website is They got a pretty cool Facebook page, too! And by the way, we know Alaska is two and a half times bigger than Texas, but don't rub it in fellas!

Quade Foundation has made a donation to Wimberley Adoption Group & Rescue (WAG Rescue). Their mission is to come to the aid of abandoned, neglected, unclaimed, and surrendered dogs and puppies in and around the Wimberley area and western Hays County. WAG Rescue takes in any dog or puppy in need regardless of their age or condition. WAG Rescue provides medical and emotional care for these animals and places them in a nurturing environment where they receive training and learn socialization skills until they are ready to be adopted into loving, permanent homes. Since it's humble beginnings, 8 years ago, WAGS has adopted out over 860 dogs and puppies and returned hundreds of found dogs to their owners. The best way to donate to WAGS is to send an email to [email protected]


The Canine Center for Training & Behavior sponsored and Quade Foundation assisted in underwriting Kathy Cascade to conduct training sessions for staffs and volunteers at PAWS of Kyle, the Bastrop Shelter and Austin Humane Society. Kathy employs positive, force-free training methods based on motivational techniques, clear communication, and respect for our animal companions.  With the goal of making training fun and successful for both animals and humans alike, She has taught workshops and seminars throughout the US, Canada, and Europe for                                                         the past 18 years and offers private training sessions..

Quade Foundation provided two grants to Austin Pets Alive! A $4,000 grant was given to APA!'s clinic to assist in medical supplies, medicines, and veterinary needs. Another $4,000 grant was given to APA!'s program known as Positive Alternative to Shelter Surrender (a.k.a.-"PASS"). We appreciate  APA!'s constant desire to excel and Quade foundation believes These two grants help the Foundation's Goal to keep adopted shelter companion animals from being returned.

Quade Foundation was as a sponsor of the annual Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter (WCRAS) Fur Ball. WCRAS is a no-kill shelter. 

the following Non-Profit organizations received 2016 grants to further their  outstanding contributions to companion animals:

Lockhart animal shelter for shelter cooling systems

Wimberley adoption group & rescue

Schrodi Memorial Training Fund

I Once was lost animal advocacy

Dogs Out loud!

texas german short-hair pointer rescue

Quade Foundation provides scholarships for Canine Camp, which is sponsored by the Canine Center for Training & Behavior in Austin. Keeping owners and their adopted companion animals together by strengthening their bonds ensures that a shelter animal stays out of a shelter once adopted. 

What the 2016 Piper Award Recipients had to say:  

"What a fun, engaging weekend :). I learned so much about how to change my mindset with my resident and foster dogs. Namely, focus on the behavior you want instead of the behavior you want to stop. That has really helped me change my daily routines with them. Would be so fun to come again next year."- C. L.

"As a rescuer, there are so many scenarios that I have to advise my foster families on and the classes provided techniques that will be helpful to all of us. I took my two own dogs to better understand our relationship and how I can improve our communication and their behavior. I learned I have a lot of work to do. Please know that your scholarship is very much appreciated and has made a difference in how I approach training with our dogs. This info will trickle down as I share it with our rescue family. Canine Camp was an amazing experience!"-T. P.

"There were so many tears of joy watching Fergus excel at so many things. We worked on some basics and loads of fun with agility,kayaking, and lure. Things he has never done. My thoughts heading to camp were to understand his unique qualities and build our relationship. I think we can say we won on all of that! 'Thank you' just doesn't seem enough."- p.

"We learned so many tools and techniques to help build confidence and relieve anxiety in Christa. What awesome trainers! And great food and new friends. A big thank you to the Canine Center and Quade Foundation. You are awesome :-)"- V. H.

"Our dog has come a long way since her adoption. But the trust was never fully there between us because she was so use to being stubbornly independent. But we had a really big breakthrough with our trust this weekend. During one of the last sessions, the trainer gave me some great tools to control her strength on a leash. After learning those techniques, he then convinced me to let her off her leash, despite my great hesitation. To my astonishment, I watched her sprint off into the distance (certain that she was going to keep running to the horizon!) and come back to check in with me over and over before actually coming back to me and letting me get her harness back on. My mind was blown--I didn't trust that she was capable of that, but I was proved wrong! Our relationship is tangibly stronger after this weekend and we have you to thank for making the experience possible."- R. S.


in 2015 quade foundation provided the following Non-Profit organizations grants to further their outstanding contributions to companion animals:

Animal Trustees of Austin (amplify austin)

Dogs Out Loud (amplify austin)

I Once Was Lost Advocacy (storm damage restoration & provisions)

Don't BULLY me rescue (platinum sponsor 3rd Annual beer for bullies)

Austin Pets Alive! Clinic (blood machine rotors)

Apa! Parvo ward (plea for Bleach, detergents, & paper goods)

Int'l Asso. of Firefighters Ladies aux. (first responder equipment for companion animals)

Williamson County Regional Animal Ctr. (Fur Ball Diamond Sponsor)

Classic Canines (Hey, brother. Can you spare me a bone?)

Cane corso rescue, inc.

Lizzy's hospice

also, special assistance to shelter dogs Milo and Leo

Quade Foundation provides scholarships for Canine Camp, which is sponsored by the Canine Center for Training & Behavior in Austin. Keeping owners and their adopted companion animals together by strengthening their bonds ensures that a shelter animal stays out of a shelter once adopted. 

What the 2015 Piper Award Recipients had to say:

"I so enjoyed watching my daughter and her new dog Truman working together and bonding. She was so tickled to see Truman do so well.. It was an experience of a lifetime and would not have been possible without the generosity of the Quade Foundation."- F. A.

"The camp was such a great opportunity to spend a whole weekend working and playing together. Beau made a couple of huge breakthroughs that weekend. Things He had been struggling with for months just clicked into place that weekend. To see him relax and enjoy things like being in a kayak was so awesome. We don't know you, but we love you."- j. m.

"That weekend was the most refreshing and stimulating weekend we've had with our dogs, and we are still amazed that we had the opportunity to experience it."- N. & S.

"Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to attend Canine Camp. . . It was a weekend I will never forget."- A. A.

"I just want to thank you so very much for your generous grant to help with training."-a. c.

"As you already know, the collective Canine Center Team has extraordinary skills, knowledge, and patience. Throughout the weekend venture. the Team exemplified all of your foundation's core values-integrity, excellence, leadership, stewardship, and respect. I can't thank you enough for enriching my life and the lives of my four-legged companions via this experience."- K. G.


The year was put to rest (pardon our pun!) and quade foundation accomplished its grant goals. We wish to extend our gratitude to the nonprofit organizations listed below for their desire and professionalism on behalf of companion animals. Knowing the course these organizations have charted will ensure success that can be measured not only by a matrix, but dedication.

Friends of Austin Animal Center

Animal Trustees of Austin

Austin Pets Alive! medical clinic

German Short-hair Pointer Rescue of Texas

Schrodi Fund

Lizzy's hospice

I once was Lost advocacy

Dogs Out Loud


Don't Bully ME Rescue